Adhesive Strength investigations

  • Scratch test ISO 20502
  • Standard adhesive test ISO DIN EN 582 u.13144
  • Bone insertion investigations (laboratory test protocol)

Cell culture laboratory

  • In-vitro testing of potential implant materials on human primary osteoblasts and chondrocytes
  • Vitality tests (WST-1, LDH, Live/DeadTM staining)
  • ELISA (Pro-Kol 1 or 2, BAP, MMP, apoptosis)
  • Magnetic bead-based multiplex technology (cytokines, MMPs)

Clinical Studies

  • implant reliability, endurance and compatibility surveys
  • Gain of knowledge about sources, diagnostics, therapy and prevention of health disorders
  • Evaluation of the obtained data in cooperation with the Institute of Medical Informatics and Biometry

Endurance Testing

  • dynamic fatigue tests for hip endoprostheses according to ISO 7206-4
  • Analysis of subsidence and micromotions (laboratory test protocol)
  • Fatigue test of modular implant components (laboratory test protocol)


  • Evaluations concerning implant dimensioning (design) and reliability
  • Analysis of implant micro motion and primary stability
  • Biomechanical investigations concerning osteosyntheses systems and 3D-scaffold applications
  • Evaluation of range of motion, impingement and luxation behaviour
  • Parameter studies concerning implant positioning and material
  • Dynamic analysis of the impact process during implantation of implants

Motion and Gait Analysis

  • Investigations of hiporthosis
  • Foot pressure measurements
  • Activity measurements
  • Mobile motion and gait analysis
  • Mobile EMG measurements


  • Joint force assessment
  • Muscle activity calculations at given movements

Reverse Engineering

  • 3D-reconstruction of osseous structures and soft tissues using CT and MRT data
  • Point cluster surface generation, eg. from laser scans
  • Transfer of discrete polygon surfaces into CAD enabled NURBS free form surfaces

Wear Investigations

  • Hip endoprostheses wear investigation ISO 14242-1
  • Knee endoprostheses wear investigation ISO 14243-1
  • Abrasive wear test between implant surface and bone cement (laboratory test protocol)
  • Abrasive wear test between implant surface and artificial bone using geometrically simplified test samples (laboratory test protocol)
  • Particle analysis according to ASTM-F1877
  • Standard test for impingement of acetabular prosteses according to ASTM F2582-14


Cell culture laboratory

  • Cell culture laboratories (Cultivation of human primary osteoblasts, chondrocytes, fibroblasts as well as monocytes)
  • Incubators with option of hypoxia
  • Dynamic cell culture
  • Light, phase-contrast and fluorescence microscopy
  • CytoViva Hyperspectral enhanced darkfield microscope system
  • Micro Sensor technology for pH and O2 measurements
  • Plate reader for fluorescence analyses
  • High hydrostatic pressure module for cell and tissue experiments
  • Homogenisation for decomposition of tough samples
  • Homogenisation by sonication
  • qTower die Real-Time PCR applications
  • Lyophilisation
  • Test systems for biophysical stimulation

Gait analysis

  • Motion analysis system LUKOtronic Motion Analysis System AS-200
  • Force measuring mat TEKSCAN
  • Telemetric EMG-measuring system NORAXON
  • Activity sensors ACTIVPAL
  • Inertial measuring system XSENS
  • Mobile force sensor (200N, 5000N)


  • Finite-elements-analysis: ABAQUS V6.9, PATRAN 2009, Comsol  Multiphysics 3.5a
  • Reverse Engineering: AMIRA V4.1, GEOMAGIC STUDIO 10
  • Multi-body-system: AnyBody 4, Simpack 8.9
  • LABVIEW 2009
  • Matlab/Simulink 2009
  • Leica Q-Win

Test equipment

  • Universal test machine Zwick Roell Z050 - 50 kN
  • Dynamic test machine Instron (100 Nm/ 25 kN)
  • Tribology test: hip simulator (Endolab GmbH, Rosenheim, Deutschland)
  • Tribology test: knee simulator (Endolab GmbH, Rosenheim, Deutschland)
  • Test facility for determination of implant bone interaction and fabrication of wear particles
  • test facility for orthoses and dislocation in hip
  • Micro- / nanoindenter