Kinesiology/ Technical orthopaedics

The work group ‚Kinesiology/Technical Orthopedics’ of the Biomechanics and Implant Technology Research Lab is engaged in the subject of movement analysis and performance diagnostic in the scope of rehabilitation of musculoskeletal diseases. We conduct experiments to evaluate short-term and long-term neuronal, muscular and skeletal effects due to different kind of training. Moreover, we investigate neuromuscular function of elderly and people with pathologies of the musculoskeletal system. One important part of our research includes the development, investigation and validation of movement therapies following knee or hip arthroplasty.

To analyze subjects and patients various measurement techniques are applied. For example, camera-based 3d motion capture systems or accelerometers are used to generate digital models of patients. Based on this, kinetic and kinematic analysis can be carried out. Furthermore, our measurement methods also include the use of pressure measuring insoles, light gate systems, training devises to measure isometric forces as well as electromyography to measure muscle activation.

In addition, various rehabilitation tools and procedures as well as medical devices are tested and validated in cooperation with industrial and research partners.

Project funding


  • Franziska Knaack, M.Sc.
  • Judith Osterloh, M.Sc.
  • Xiping Ren, M.Sc.
  • Students